ART SHIFTING DAY, Barcelona from Nuria Antoli.


…si canviem l’ART canviem la nostra forma de pensar…
En tot?
ART SHIFTING DAY, 5 de novembre del 2013
Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (
Música cedida per: Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis, Ignasi Terraza.
Cançó: L.O.V.E
Localització: Telefèric de Montjuïc, Barcelona

CREATIVITY is not a property of the artistic field.
To be creative is a philosophy of life.
To rethink, to think differently,
to try without fear of error, rather to want to be involved
in transferring an improvement for all society,
not closing oneself as an individual.
This is precisely the FOCUS, the source of Light, of the ART SHIFTING FESTIVAL,
if we change the “ART”, we change the way we think
“Respect for traditions, Love for vanguards”