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Welcome to the Art Shifting Festival blog. This room has been opened with the intention of promoting the initiated dialogue the last November 5th, a round table around communication, creativity and XXI visual art century.

The Art Shifting Festival was born by the need of store and share new subject matter. It’s the significant that looks for new meanings to question the present change en the actuality.

To promote the continuous dialogue is been needed the collaboration of all of participants interested in this debate. From the respect of the tradition and singular values, we want to find the new vanguards and actual society needs, as well as the changes in the relations between brands, audiences and technologies. To sum up, it’s a debate of the discover of the new economic-social paradigm.

At last, to make this debate continue and extend their subject matter and arguments, we need your participation. The provided points of view and observation will expand a conversation destined to change.

We continue with the Shifting Movement!