Who we are

The Art Shifting Festival reflect the paradigm shift in the art world, originated and moved by a set of organizers, artists and promoters. These are professionals from own organization to brands and collaborating companies. The involvement and shared commitment focus the participants to the same objective: the transversal and democratic cooperation in the Shifting Movement, with the finality of linking communication with creativity and XXI visual art century.

Nuria Antolí, who is the ideologist and the originator of the idea, has de support of professionals from different areas to accomplish the sharing of opinions, values and tendencies. To sum up, it is a senses and intellect experience.

These speakers and communicators contributors with the festival, together with the artists, institutions, brands and companies, have already participated in the Art Shifting Day intended to obtain the positioning based on innovation and vanguard. Thanks to the public proximity that these protagonists have, they are in a continuous learning and evolution.

Their purpose is subjected to provide Barcelona with a different and unique reference event commitment. Above all, it’s a participant stage open to all publics where they promote a new thinking tendency and a change of the communication era.

From Barcelona to the World.

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