Borja Martínez

Borja Martínez is the founder of the graphic design studio LoSiento, a highly creative studio and with a different style than the present current.

He started developing different projects of graphic design and artistic direction, walking on a road that brought him a five professional team and corporative design’ projects, packaging and editorial, as well as personal projects.

He formed in Industrial Design in the Escola de Disseny Elisava, he continued his studies in the London College of Printing and finally he founded LoSiento in 2005. The big cause that envelops the Borja’s work is to facing integrally his projects linked to the brand identity and focuses it with his peculiar way of working.

The Spanish designer is a passionate of creating from his hand and all king materials, getting close to the solutions mixing constantly the graphic part, the industrial and the hand-made.

“The starting point in every project is very warm and sensorial: we’re back to the crafts. In a more and more technological world, we’re starting to value the hand-made work. We are in a completely digital era where it’s almost the only finality. People have got drunk with this technique, but it’s only another technique, like the pencil and the rubber.”

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