Gemma Cernuda


Gemma Cernuda is a huge defender of women in the communication world, being the first Marketing to Women consultant in Spain, besides being the first women-member of different business Spanish associations and has been vice-president of Asociación Empresarial de Publicidad. She is linked to patronals and foundations and she is business counsellor, branding writer and speaker in different programs.

Also, she is the inspiring and Doctor of Rethinkher Conference, the first international forum of Communication and Branding in Spain focused in the consumer power of women.

She has a diploma from Columbia Business School of New York and she has a master in Communication Management from UB. She has created leader brands in the market, as the frozen food La Sirena, and she is Partner-Founder of Peix&Co, the first Feminine Communication agency. Since 2001, her agency-boutique feminize the brand to make them more economical and suitable to likes, concerns, expectations and values of women, which take her to be a pioneer of the area.

Writer of different books focused in the women concept, she is also the creator of the blog Ellas Deciden, the first one of feminine branding in Spanish. She has created the Decálogo+1 of Feminine Communication, based on values, which, strategically transmitted in actions of marketing and branding communication, provokes an innate acceptation of feminine target and the feminine part that every human being has.

This communication is characterized to be inclusive, transparent, empathic and accomplice, besides giving huge importance to greys. Gemma Cernuda has been divulgating this concepts in different conferences for four years in Spain, Latin-America and United States, diffusing the importance of women in communication and the feminine thinking.

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