Jordi Pi

Jordi Pi is an Industrial Designer from Barcelona who, after ten years working for the private sector of marketing and publicity, wanted to know the public sector. In 2001 he started to work for CCMA and nowadays is the responsible of commercial marketing in Innovation.

Parallel and with the restlessness of the changes in this sector, especially in the publicity, caused by the irruption of new technologies and the consumer as a new player, he has a special interest to evangelize and evangelize himself.

With a degree in Marketing Direction and another one in Communication Direction, his particular campaign includes co-direct and participate in different masters, post grades and degrees in ESADE, UAB, Blanquerna and IMSM_ESIC. He also takes part periodically of in company programs and public forums from the same business schools and universities.

Jordi Pi will talk about branded content and needs of the brand and models to innovate for reinvent an old model. It consists in transform publicity and the brands messages in entertainment brand, to transform the tactical model to a strategy model.

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