Marc Cortés


Strategist, enterprising and speaker about opportunities that digital economy generates, Marc Cortés is an expert of digital marketing, new models of web business and interactive publicity.

He designs strategies to situate companies close to social media and to make them include it into their marketing and communication process. He is an analyst of the business opportunities, interested in the digital environment challenges, that offers new conveniences to the companies.

He defends the idea that digital world opens new areas as big data or the mobile, analyzing and modelling the consumer role in he consumption process and the brands focusing.

With a degree in Law by the UAB and in MBA by ESADE, Marc Cortés combines his professional activity with teaching in the Marketing Direction in ESADE, where he imparts classes related with marketing and digital business.

He is also a famous article writer and speaker about new business models, digital strategy and online marketing, moreover he is the writer of different books about the use of new online methods in the relational marketing.

Finally, he is the founder of Cava&Twitts, a mensual meeting in Barcelona where they meditate about the impact of Social Media, web 2.0 and networking while they drink a glass of cava. Parallel, he maintains the blogs Interactividad, dedicated to marketing and digital business; and Primer Km, where he speaks about his sports passion.

Marc Cortés will speak about business development though social networks, knowing that we are in front of the Internet Services where the client has to be just in the centre.

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