Marco Domenichetti

Born in Milan in May of 1975, Marco Domenichetti has grown up to the musical compass in a wide range of categories that give him an extended musical curriculum.

He ends the Academia Internazionale della musica certified of the recorder and he dedicated to improve the contemporary and tardomedieval repertoire with Daniele Bragetti and Kees Boeke. Finally, he entered in the camera music of Italian baroc with Laura Alvini.

On other side, he also studied electronic music and he plays the piffero, a popular oboe from Appenins de le Quattro Province. Side by side with Stefano Valla, expert on this repertory, dancing and singing, they’re involved in the study of traditional musical languages from different origins.

Also, he does didactics activities in different schools and has founded groups as LampeTron, Epinfrai and La cintilla musicale. His collaboration also includes different Italian and European festivals as well as the cooperation with various institutions.


2011 “Videomaton“, installazione Videomaton, Granollers, TAG, Spain
2011 “Temporada TAG“, installazione multimediale, Granollers, Spain
2011 “escolta’m”, Recomanador de llibres a cau d’orella, Fira del Llibre Mollerusa, Spain, RE-CREAT 2010 Viatge al pais del Pinguai” , installazione multimediale, Granollers, RE-CREAT
2010 “Expo Pedrera Mariscal” (Collaboration with Estudio Mariscal) , Barcelona, Spain, RE-CREAT 2010 “Little tree”, installazione multimediale, Mercè 2010, Parc de la ciutadella, Barcelona, RE-CREAT

Marco Domenichetti play/collaboration with:

Ayub Ogada (Kenya), Alberto Graziani (Italy), Aldo De Scalzi (Italy), Alena Dantcheva (Bulgary), Andrew Cronshaw (England), Anna Tabbush (England), Anna-Kristina Widell (Sweden), Åse Teigland (Norway), Ben Mandelson (England), BeppeGambetta (Italy), Bruno Pianta (Italy), Bruno Zambor- lin (Italy), Cesare Campanini (Italy), Daniele Bicego (Italy), DanieleScurati (Italy), David O’Connell (Irland), Desi Wilkinson (Irland), Edo Lattes (Italy), Efix Puleo (Italy), Ermes Giussani (italy),Estudio Mariscal (spain), Francesca Cassinari (Italy), Fulvio Maras (Italy), Giancarlo Carraro (Italy), Gianluca Ferrarini (Italy), Giovanni Sarani (Italy), Guido Ponzini (Italy), Guo Yue (Cina), Holly Sheldrake (England), Jean Luc Cappozzo (France), Jérôme Liogier (France), Johannes Uhlmann (Germany), John Falukner (Irland), La Squadra (Italy), Marco Forni (Italy), Marta Graziolino (Italy), Michael Chiarappa (Italy), Michele Pasotti (Italy), Miche- le Tadini (Italy), Paolo Malusardi (Italy), Paolo Solcia (Italy), Patrizia Laquidara (Italy), Nikola Parov (Unghery), Pablo Martin (Spain), Pär Moberg (Sweden), Pep Bou (Spain), Piia Kleemola (Finland), Red Box (Italy), Samuel Johansson (Sweden), Sandra Kerr (Irland), Stefano Valla (Italy), Thomas Baeté (Belgie), Umberto Petrin (Italy), Vladimir Denissenkov (Russia), Wu Fei (Cina).

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