Pere Rosales


“Traditional interruptive publicity, branding and marketing no longer work effectively. Nowadays the consumers have the power, we can’t interrupt them anymore, but they can interrupt us.”

With more than twenty years of experience, Pere Rosales is the founder partner and counsellor of incipy and the writer of “Estrategia Digital, cómo usar las nuevas tecnologías mejor que la competencia”.

Parallel, he is speaker and professor in different universities and business schools as UAB, UPF, UPC, ICEMD-ESIC, IED, IESE and ESADE, and he founded, the first community for interactivity’s professionals’ referents in the sector. He is even a habitual speaker in professional forums about creativity, innovation, service design, emotional design, marketing, publicity and communication.

“People are not just objectives, people are communities, who expect to be treated with care and respect. Nowadays the only way to achieve the client loyalty and business is to adapt their marketing model to involve people. To think that world needs, not more communication, but better communication.

I think that having the capacity to understand consumers in the digital area, using this knowledge to help clients to identify opportunities or satisfy their actual needs of in line business, is absolutely crucial.”

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