Rallito X

“It’s possible to generate and articulate a social revolution using the art as a shifting tool?” The question, which this Barcelona’s artist RallitoX proposes us, creates a reflection space.

In the middle of a German expressionism, the comic books, the bastard graffiti from Barcelona and the mass agitation, this artist can’t make anyone feel indifferent. As soon he paint an illegal mural in Berlin, as he imparts a conference in University about his work and his characteristic point of view.

The RallitoX’s peculiar work is an impotence metaphor that we humans suffer in these days. It’s a critical about the show of the abruption society that we are watching without doing anything to stop it.

His actions, mainly in the streets, have been specifically conceived to confuse and generate chaos. Create Cosmos from Chaos. From giving money to the Barcelona’s Ramblas’ passers with financial problems, to take over a demonstration behind the banner of “Join to the phallic Repolution”, passing by organize a demonstration in front of the town hall claiming for more tolls.

Finally, his work has been exposed in a lot of European galleries and streets from Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, London, among others, collect the RallitoX’s art with his particular stamp of actual society acid critical.

Urban actuations:
The Phallic Repolution takes Berlin. Rallito-X
http://vimeo.com/21068274“Manipulated society”

Más videos: http://www.rallitox.org/pages/video

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