Rick Holland

Rick Holland is a collaborating poet, thinker and most recently an artistic director who uses the issues facing us all as his main arena of his work. Born in 1978 into a military world with it’s nomadic lifestyle, he continues to move around, less prolifically, but retains the spirit of a watcher, a flaneur and keen interrogator of authority and tradition.

What started as a love affair with words and poetics on the page and in combination with music has developed into a daily way of seeing the world. It continues to grow with each new collaboration and it is this shared desire to imagine new futures that brought him into contact with Nuria Antoli and the Art Shifting Festival.

Rick Holland joined other artists to expand his work like Drums Between The Bells, Panic of Looking, Refugees of the Septic Heart and The King Krill using different forms to create his art.

What connects these disparate works is a micro and macroscopic view of the essential nature of things, a life defining passion to look closely at what is really there and an unwavering commitment to truth in all of it’s magical and mundane forms.

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