Vicenç Altaió

Poet, essayist, theatre translator, art critic, opinion writer and ideas trader. Stalking aesthetic oscillations of the lyrics and the arts and the contributions of critical and scientist thinking, Vicenç Altaió has been building a very personal work.

He was the director of the KRTU and the Arts Santa Mònica, as well as curator of expositions with artistic, literary and scientific character, also in Any Miró. Parallel, he has started different multidisciplinary projects like the journals Tarotdequinze, Èczema, Àrtics and Cave Canís.

Among his books there are poetry and an intellectual autobiography without subject, hybrid genus, transversal, full of writings about artists and the renovation in the art as the moral.

This talent carrier will open us the door of his way to see the world:

“We live in the middle of a big change born from different big changes: the knowledge socialization, the access of women in the job world, the familiar models, the new technology, the access of travelling, the acceleration of time and globalization, the production of money, etc… all of us are in the middle of the road to “consumer society” that we thought that could pay the “welfare society”.

There’s a big crash between the classic industrial model and the new knowledge materials. We have a well-prepared youth that have become in the new proletariat of the culture forces. Once the means of the middle-low class runs out, new untold riots will appear. There where is the end of feudal world and their aristocrats, there where the feudal world and their monks run out, today gets in crisis bankers and politicians. At high risk!”

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